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Post by MagicRob on Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:13 pm

Alright, Eminence is something of a 'status' style background for D:tF. We're making a slight change to this.

Eminence will grant you a social bonus to MUNDANE checks against other Demons. However, this background will only pertain to BEFORE Hell activities (meaning that this isn't a background that can really ever be raised past creation). This doesn't have much to do with what you are now, just what you've done.

Ever see Inglorious Basterds? Remember that obnoxious pretty soldier?

That guy was a Private in the army. He had virtually no rank. But everyone knew him, and everyone wanted that guy's autograph. Did he have real power? No. Yet, he was invited to all the right events and listened to by all the right people because he was a war hero.

That's Eminence.

Eminence has nothing to do with your standing within Demonic circles. Your power as an angel and to a lesser extent as a demon, was dictated by your House and how powerful you were at creation. Most (read: 99%) of the Demons that have escaped hell are the weakest, smallest demonic spirits created. The hole in hell's gate is simply too small to allow for bigger once.

Eminence = What you did before Hell. Rank (in the Luciferians) = Who you can command and who can command you. The two aren't related (and you can't buy rank).

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