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New Background: Relics Empty New Background: Relics

Post by MagicRob on Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:20 pm

Relics is a broad category that covers Enhanced Items, Enchanted Items, Relics, and Forgotten Wonders. These are all detailed on page 166 of the Player's guide.

These are hard to quantify, so we're building more a matrix for what these will cost.

Enhanced Items are just items that have been tweeked by a demon to make them better (probably a Malefactor). Most of these will be 1-3 dots, depending on effect.

Enchanted Items are legitimately magical items. These give you the ability to have another Lore effect. The cost of this is the level of the lore in question, and a story to justify it. These are very coveted items; expect other Fallen to steal them. Or try, anyway.

Relics are enchanted items that have the soul of a Demon (or Angel) shoved into it to power the thing. These can be monumentally powerful and aren't strictly appropriate for PC hand. If you build up the powers to make these badboys, we'll talk price.

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