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Post by MagicRob on Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:30 am

For those of you who have read all of the source material available to D:tF, you might have noticed that the game was originally released in 1999-2000 and it basically has the end of the world happen in 2001. There are reasons for this. Effectively, Demon: the Fallen has a power curve, and once you hit critical mass on that curve, the world is your proverbial oyster.

A few things to consider:

1- In the LA book (City of Angels), you have two super high powered Earthbound working for a THIRD Earthbound literally ripping the city apart to find Lucifer. This occurs in canon in 2001. It culminates with a huge battle of Lucifer and one of the Earthbound fighting over LA and Lucifer announcing his existence to the world. Bear in mind that this is the 'critical mass' stage. In canon, world ending actions should begin about 2 years after the release of the Fallen.

2- In canon, Lucifer (largely creating Christianity to do this) puts the big bad Earthbound to sleep. He does this in a clever way, by attacking the cults of the Earthbound rather than the creatures themselves. Then, like a raging boob, doesn't try to kill any of the damned sleeping and Faith-starved god-kings. He basically just dusts his hands and goes back to doing... whatever the hell he spends his years doing.

3- While Demon is one of the few White Wolf products genuinely designed to cross-sphere (because all of the other types have a very specific place in their cosmology), the real threat to D:tF are Earthbound. Sure, a werewolf can probably take a Demon in a fight, but they REALLY suck at killing the soul. And sure, a Mage could bind or banish a Demon.... but they're also vulnerable to Pacts, and what mage would say no to a free boost to Arete? Earthbound, on the other hand, are horror-shows. They have a slightly more powerful character creation process, but what really makes them monsters is their access to unique backgrounds and powers (have you read Codex? Jesus.). Earthbound literally have the power to enslave a Fallen, any Fallen, YOUR Fallen, with a few words and thoughts if they're built correctly. And in canon, they start waking up the second Fallen return to the earth, scrambling for mortals to control and minions to build themselves back up. (As they are printed, an Earthbound can go from 0-60 in about 6 months, realistically)

4- Earthbound, while they have to rebuild their Cults, don't, for the most part, have to rebuild the rest of their powers. Meaning that Abaddon is still rocking a Faith of 20+ and has 48+ Lore dots available to him. And there are FIVE Earthbound on his level, and an untold number of lesser ones out there too (but honestly, even if they have HALF the dots, they're still PC killers across the board).

5- It literally is only a matter of time before enough Fallen escape hell that remember how to summon out their fellows, then start putting together cults of humans to mass-summon out their Knights and Barons (which can be safely held in human vessels) to kick-start their take over of the world (each Faction would do this, there simply isn't a reason not to).

So, how are we in Creole handling this problem?


1- The events detailed in the City of Angels book have yet to occur.

2- An Earthbound or two have woken up across the globe, but there will be an in-game event that will spark the ACTUALLY awakening of the Earthbound en-mass.

3- Once Earthbound become a thing, they will be sheeted and played to their sheet closely. These guys are the BIG BAD of D:tF and I can't stress that enough; if you're familiar with Vampire, picture the 3rd gens and that's the power scale difference we're talking here. If you choose to throw down, do so carefully. :/

4- We are saying that in-game, very FEW Fallen have escaped. Each PC or NPC is therefore special in someway. We are also greatly restricting the knowledge on how to summon out a specific Fallen from Hell by saying that A- These rituals are all UNIQUE to the Fallen in question and B- The human host has to be willing and very special. As printed, Fallen as a species go gang-busters on literally every other supernatural type out there and win in a very short practical chronology.

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