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Greater Demons- new Background: Empty Greater Demons- new Background:

Post by MagicRob on Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:42 am

Fallen PCs, that is to say, those made 'by the book', are the smallest of Demons. They are able to squeeze out the small cracks of Hell and swim back to Earth. It's been a common thread for what I've posted here that all of those PC Fallen are the smallest of the angels in Lucifer's army. But what about the rest? What about the Greater Demons that are just too big to get out on their own. Well, if you've read the Storyteller's Companion, you've seen the ranked structure. We're creating a background to represent these Greater Demons called 'Rank'.

To Clarify: This is an NPC Background Only.

When Lucifer and his armies Fell from Grace, they were restructured. The old Houses didn't bind them, instead they were organized into Legions. The Five Legions of old had similar structures: They were ruled by a single ArchDuke. Most of the Legions had 7 Dukes, with each Duke having 7 Barons, each Baron having 7 Overlords, each Overlord having 7 Lords, and each Lord having 7 Fell Knights. While the Legions were organized a bit looser than the Heavenly Host, this meant more that you could move from one Legion to another with relative ease. It didn't, however, mean that you could move from one Rank to another with any ease at all. During the War it was possible to absorb enough essence to gain a Rank, or to have your Name shattered and lose Rank, but as a general rule, your Rank was your Rank for all time.

Fallen, while they aren't bound as they once were to the covenants of old, still feel the power that resides in the old rank system. Each dot of Rank grants the Fallen an automatic success on Social checks against other Fallen of lesser Rank. These successes don't function as willpower spends and can still be lost be poor rolls; even Kings can spill their wine. Fallen of equal or greater Rank are immune to this effect. These extra successes also don't function as knowledge of True Names; they can't be applied to Mental checks, just social ones.

0- Soldiers (most PCs will fall into this category)
1- Fell Knights
2- Lords
3- Overlords
4- Barons
5- Dukes
6- Archdukes

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