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Post by MagicRob on Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:11 am

So, we've been having some difficulty with research projects the various PCs have had regarding the truth of Fallen and the like. The problem enters that the book (core and supplementals both) go into great detail on how rare real occult books are, and how it can take an 'entire story' just to find the books necessary to start making the appropriate rolls to research things like summoning rituals, true names, the actual history of the Fallen and so forth. Therefore, we're re-instituting an old background from Vampire: The Masquerade, Occult Library. This background represents your collection of books that you've either taken from other supernatural creatures or found hidden away in the caches left during the War.

This background has no XP cost associated with it. However, to compensate for that, NO PC CAN HAVE IT without earning it in play. You can't start with it, I don't care what your concept is. You can't just randomly buy these books on ebay. All of the *real* occult books have been strategically controlled by the other supernaturals (and in a world where vampires, werewolves, and mages all exist, and have been controlling these things for centuries while you were chained away, it's hard to get access to). That said, plot element currently has several such libraries in play.

A number of characters can share access to the total library equal to the total dots in that library in the same downtime period. However, don't be surprised if they aren't willing to; the ability to research True Names or binding rituals is a literal and real threat to each and every Fallen. This background is necessary to perform even the most rudimentary of research into True Names. Per the core book, you can still write binding rituals WITHOUT a library (and there is a system for that), but 'finding' a proper ritual requires a library.

Occult Library

Some Kindred have accumulated vast stores of mystical knowledge over their many years. Such resources may have been inherited from a character's sire, treasures gleaned from previous journeys, gifts from a mentor or even stolen from the rivals. In fact, a library need not even be printed – books contained on CD-ROM or even a contact who knows occult lore may be considered a library for the purposes of this Background.

Whatever form it takes, an Occult Library aids the character in certain cases involving knowledge of the mystical or magical. Whenever the player needs to make a roll involving the Occult Knowledge and the character has the opportunity to consult the books, she may call upon this Background to help her. While this won't be of much aid if the character is held prisoner by another Kindred or visiting a foreign city, if the character is in her own library or laboratory, the information may prove invaluable.

1- A few books: +1 die to Occult dice pools
2- A modest collection: +1 die to Occult dice pools, -1 to Occult difficulties
3- Many noteworthy titles: +2 dice to Occult dice pools, -1 to Occult difficulties
4- A wide variety of lore: +2 dice to Occult dice pools, -2 to Occult difficulties
5- A veritable magical encyclopedia: +3 dice to Occult dice pools, -2 to Occult difficulties

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