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Post by MagicRob on Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:30 pm

The year is 2010.

The place is New Orleans, Louisiana.

And everything hangs in the balance.

For countless millennia, the Angels cast out of heaven have been trapped in their void-like pit of oblivion with nothing to distract their minds save for vengeance and the periodic blink into the world of man. Then everything changed at the turn of the century. Humans, in their arrogance (and frankly unsettling power) shattered part of the cage build by the Heavenly Host itself. For the first time in... forever... the Fallen can slip through the cracks and once again torment humanity. And yet, to do so, they must take some of that mortality into themselves, forever altering how they view the world.

The world they return to is lacking of anything they remembered. There is no Radiance of God to warm them. There is no shining Heavenly Host to keep them in check. There is no ocean of Faith to ride that once humanity boasted. The world is a cold shell of what they had built, scarred and dying. But is it too late?

You are a member of the Luciferians, the militant organization of the Fallen dedicated to resuming their Great War and recovering their lost general Lucifer. You have been assigned (either through guile, punishment or luck) to this city following the hurricane in 2005. The great disaster had revealed something to those with the eyes to see; the barest hint of one of the ancient strongholds. Information is limited, but there can be no doubting it; under the old city is a fortress magnitudes older still.

This was a secret known to only a few for a time, but as the years have passed, none have been able to breach it and the secret has spread. What it truly was is under some debate, and what it might hold is equally argued. What is agreed is that it is old, powerful, and is likely the key to controlling this region of the world; perhaps more. What ancient treasures might it hold, when faith fueled some of the greatest feats of creation in the history of mankind?

Your orders are simple:
Report to your commander. Assist in the recovery of this stronghold. Secure it from enemies. Spread the influence of your Faction across the city.

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