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Experience Point Spending Etiquette: Empty Experience Point Spending Etiquette:

Post by MagicRob on Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:37 am

Hey all!

So, you can, literally, at any point, spend your experience points by making a note in your experience point thread. There are a few things about this.

1- Anything that is mundane in nature that is 3 or less doesn't require much staff approval, and with the exception of Influence, you can put in your experience spend and assume you have it. Influence always takes a story.

Rex Mercer is a faded movie star. But, he finds that having people recognize him is great. He currently has Fame 2. He wants Fame 3. In his XP spend thread, he puts in the notation for Fame 3 with a brief (very brief) notation of what he did to earn it. He can now roll around as if he had Fame 3 even before staff puts it on his sheet.

2- Any Lores common to your build, you can buy to any level without staff approval. These are your purpose powers.

3- Any non-build Lore requires a teacher and staff approval before you can buy it, but you can put the spends in whenever those scenes start.

4- Demon characters can buy their Faith up without a story at any time. They can buy their Torment down, but only after extensive stories.

5- Anything that is a 4+ requires staff approval and story. These stories can be simple (like someone who already has this stat is teaching me, here's a link) or exhaustive, like searching through occult libraries to piece together your own story and justify another dot in Legacy.

6- Buying non-mundane backgrounds (Cult, Legacy, Relic, Paragon, etc) always requires a story first before the spend can be processed.

When putting in your spend, if I have denoted it as a 'at any time', you can post to your thread that you bought this, and any scene you start AFTER that time, you have those dots (barring special ST permission to buy a thing 'in-scene'). Anything that is listed as needing ST approval or a 'story' can be requested, but the spend won't be processed until scenes can be provided to prove that you can get the thing.

(Also note that sometimes training scenes can be really boring, and people hate them. I know I personally have trouble doing training scenes for something that I don't personally have. In those cases, the scene where the agreement takes place is sufficient as long as all players involved confirm that their characters are moving forward with the plan as presented)

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