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Post by MagicRob on Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:41 pm

(Taken straight out of the Wraith source material. Folks have asked. If you wanna spend your XP in this, feel free.)


All wraiths create hiding places for themselves, called Haunts. A Haunt is a secure haven unknown to the Hierarchy, Heretics or Renegades. It can be a forgotten drainage ditch, an abandoned car, a set of catacombs beneath a cemetery, or the basement of an old house. Wraiths viciously guard their Haunts. Many times, entire groups of wraiths share a haunt, guarding it against all intruders.

The haunt's rating is subtracted from the area's Shroud; it is established by pooling the number of dots that each of the founders of the Haven possess (Maximum 5). Members of a Circle usually share one haunt in common, but also know of each other's private haunts. Haunts are places of spiritual power; working the craft of one's power is easier there. If the wraith who 'owns' a haunt passes into oblivion, however, the power of the haunt will die as well. The Shroud will re-establish itself around the area.

If you want both a communal and a private haunt, you must purchase the background twice. A haunt is approximately 10 square feet for each point in this background.
1 A small closet, a back alley, or some other tiny, out of the way place.
2 You have an apartment sized personal haunt
3 You have a large personal haunt or several smaller personal haunts
4 You have discovered a small but very powerful personal haunt that is easily hidden.
5 You have more hiding places than a cockroach.

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