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Revelation: Empty Revelation:

Post by MagicRob on Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:22 pm

Let's speak for a moment about the World of Darkness. Hopefully most of you are at least passingly familiar with the setting. But, as a briefing, the World of Darkness is this world, in this time (well, 2010 in this game), in the real world... just a bit darker. We know that police corruption exists, but in most places of the country you can general assume that the police you are speaking too isn't. In the WoD, the inverse is true. It has a gothic sort of setting, so Catholicism is bigger. Suicide and murder rates are higher. The world is familiar, but just a bit different.

In most of the World of Darkness settings, the supernatural creatures that you represent are in some way hobbled when dealing with humans. Vampires have their masquerade, werewolves have their veil, changelings have their mists. Most supernaturals take a great deal of pain in ensuring that their 'secret' doesn't get out.

Demons, on the other hand, do not.

Now, that isn't to say that demons don't care about secrecy. What you need to understand about the D:tF setting is that it was written to be the end game. Hell breaking open is an important element in nearly all the other cosmology settings end times. The structure of the game is one where eternity isn't an option, and the power scale of Demon is such that a collection of them can reach world breaking power within a few years if they're organized and intent on doing so.

The balance for this (because humans *must* be a threat in order for a WoD game to be a WoD game) is what's called Revelation. Revelation is a human's understanding that your demon is in fact divine in nature. It functions similarly to how Werewolf Delirium works, but with potentially much longer consequences. If you want to read along with this, page 253 of the core book addresses Revelation.

Revelation can happen in one of three ways. 1) You spend Faith in a scene and the human gets wise to you. 2) You can revert to your apoc form. 3) You can simply reveal yourself to a human and inspire Revelation (It's free, even). 2 and 3 are pretty self explanatory. Number one takes some discussion.

Anytime you spend Faith in a scene, the human rolls their Perception + Awareness (most humans have very low or non-existent Awareness scores, fyi) against a difficulty of 10-the Faith spent in the scene. This roll happens every time you spend Faith. That means that the first time or two you spend Faith, it's very unlikely that a human will see your true nature. But the more you spend, the more you're tempting fate. This occurs for every human in the area, and is contingent on the scene as the Faith you've spent lingers around you. So, if you start a scene one on one with someone and he runs into a crowd to escape you, the next faith you spend causes the Revelation check to be as low for the human you're chasing as it is for the humans who are just now seeing you.

When a human falls to Revelation, they roll their permanent willpower against your permanent faith. They respond with fear if your Torment is higher than their willpower, and awe if it's not. If they fail, they flee. If they botch, they get something terrible happening to them. If they get 1-3 successes, they remember in varying details.

The problem with Revelation is that sometimes the feelings that you are sparking in humans is unwanted. Sometimes, prove of the divine drives them mad. There's a small chance for any human that remembers Revelation to snapping and deciding to become a do-it-yourself hunter. Be careful; your mortal hosts are very squishy.

It's not that humans aren't a threat, it's that you're living in a human now, and all sortsa things can kill that body. Don't let that happen.

“If you could be either God’s worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose?”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

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