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Post by MagicRob on Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:08 pm

Earthbound Page 73


The Earthbound have witnessed countless wars and millennia of conflict, and they have learned the secrets of battle. Tactics is a Skill measuring the character's gasp of military strategy and the best way to fight a battle, regardless of the odds. A skilled tactician can hold back an army with a dozen soldiers or pierce a stronghold's defenses with perfectly timed attacks. Tactics is useless for a lone warrior, though, who survives only through raw skill and power. Tactics is based on leadership and teamwork, and it requires the character to command a group of warriors or followers.

Successful Intelligence or Wits + Tactics rolls allows the player to ask the storyteller questions about the forces opposing her followers before the battle begins. Each success yields a piece of information that the player can use to form battle plans. Alternatively, the storyteller might award the players a pool of automatic successes equal to the success equal to the successes of the Tactics roll. These successes can be applied to any roll or rolls made in the ensuing battle, representing the planning and teamwork employed by the Earthbound's forces. Once used, these automatic successes are lost. Only one Tactics roll may be made per scene.

• Novice: "Be careful out there, okay."
•• Practiced: "Protect your flanks, and watch out for automatic fire."
••• Competent: "Jackson, you take point. Henderson, you're on overwatch, and remember to stick to controlled bursts."
•••• Expert: "There's a high chance that their commander will call for a pincer movement - in which case, you need to..."
••••• Master: "Execute maneuver #46 after precisely 127 seconds have elapsed, which will remove their tertiary fire support..."

Possessed by:
Earthbound, Generals, Mercenaries, Military Historians, Soldiers
Psychologists Specialties:
Defense, First Strikes, Offense, Teamwork, Weapons

ST Note:
This isn't an easy skill to have, learn or gain further levels of this. It's not a supernatural effect at all and even mundane humans (or Thralls) can have it.

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