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Private Messages, Character Forums, and the Storytellers: Empty Private Messages, Character Forums, and the Storytellers:

Post by MagicRob on Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:57 pm

Alrighty cats and kittens, time to have a sit down.

The particular client that we are using here doesn't allow us to store very much in the way of PMs. I think you can keep 100 in your inbox and like 20 in your sent. Either way, for a player this might be perfectly sufficient, but for an ST that's not a lot of juice. Add to that the lack of a Reply All button, and that you have to manually loop in myself or Admin for most things and PMs become an impractical solution to most problems.

To that, everyone has a character subforum that is hidden to the rest of the board and visible only to them and Staff. In this thread you have a Q&A Thread where you can post any question you might possible have. On anything. From roll requests, to extra forums being built, to things that you just want us to know! (some of these items will be moved to their own thread within your forum for ease of reference, but leave that to us)

For now, please, at least for me, I'm only wanting to get PMs in the following circumstances-

1- You do not yet have a character forum (like... you know, if you're new and need help building sheets and what not). This is where I want the bulk of my PMs to be from.


2- You're wanting to speak to one of Staff and another Player about a specific matter with some transparency.

Otherwise, character forum, character forum, character forum.

Please and thank you Very Happy


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